Athletic Performance

Mountain River’s Athletic Performance Services are available at two of our locations – the Athletic Performance Center in Parkersburg, WV and the Innovative Athletic Performance Institute in Ocala, FL.

Our new Athletic Performance Center in Parkersburg, WV offers unique sports performance training and physical therapy. Mountain River Physical Therapy has personalized fitness training programs to better your speed, agility, power, fitness and weight loss. Scientific principles are applied to a highly energetic environment to offer the best and latest exercise protocols. Our clients achieve their goals and retain the highest level of performance for sports competition, recreation, occupation and/or daily life activities. Opportunities at this clinic include:

  • FMS
  • Athletic Performance Training
  • High Speed Treadmill Training
  • Track Maintenance Program
  • Technical Hurdle Training
  • Shot / Discus Footwork Clinic
  • Adult Fitness
  • Personal Training
  • Team Training

The IAP is the number one resource for health & human performance in Ocala, Florida. We strive to create a lifelong partnership with the community to improve the quality of life for everyone, in all walks of life, in the community. Through the integration of movement screening & assessment, physical therapy, and performance training, as well as, recovery services & educational seminars & classes, IAP exists to maximize the quality of movement, quality of performance, and the quality of life for everyone in the community. Learn more about IAP's offerings at

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