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Megan Walker, PT, DPT

Ocala Clinic Team Leader & Therapist

Megan Walker, PT, DPT

Megan graduated from Newberry College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. She then received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Medical University of South Carolina.

Megan has helped author the article:

Roden-Reynolds DC, Walker MH, Wasserman CR, Dean JC. Hip proprioceptive feedback influences the control of mediolateral stability during human  walking. J Neurophysiol. 114(4): 2220-2229, 2015

Megan’s hobbies and interests include hiking, camping, kayaking at the springs near Ocala, visiting her family in the Midwest, and cheering on her favorite baseball team, the KC Royals. Megan and her husband, Brent, reside in Ocala, FL, with their two cats and dogs.