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Adult Fitness Programs

The adult fitness programs at the APC range from knockdown drag out Boot Camps to structured Senior Fitness Programs. Regardless of your age or current level of fitness, these classes will provide the experience you are looking for while pushing you to maximal outcomes.

Adult Fitness:

This program is the equivalent of personal training in a group based session. The emphasis of Adult Fitness is to provide a challenging and ever changing mode of training. The workouts are modified to fit the individual needs of those in the group while maintaining a progressive strength and cardiovascular program. This is an excellent general fitness program but those training for that next 10K, a Tough Mudder or a rec league championship will find the benefits that put them in front of the pack. Training incorporates athletic movement skills, free weight and kettlebell strength training, slide boards, resistance band work, mobility and flexibility. If you are joining this program after an injury and or physical therapy our staff will work with you and your Physical Therapist is ensure any restrictions are enforced and you transition smoothly back into a routine exercise program.

Adult Fitness Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am & 11am

Monday and Wednesday 6pm