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FMS – Functional Movement Screening


What is FMS?

The Functional Movement Screen is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns key to normal function. Screening readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries which may decrease your ability to move correctly and limit your ability to train effectively and injury free.

Why FMS?

Your MRPT trainer/coach has a duty to ensure that we take all measures possible to build a training program suited to your needs, goals and abilities. The FMS screen allows us to identify potential at risk movement patterns and provide specific corrective exercises an individual may need to be successful.

How to complete an FMS session.

Your FMS screen will be performed by one of our level II certified FMS clinicians.
Once you have completed the individual screen, corrective exercises can begin right away. In addition, your trainer will be notified of any limitations or specific goals that should be implemented into your program. The cost is $25 and you may schedule an appointment by calling the APC at 304-428-1703.


Please feel free to contact us about the FMS screen or how we can help with any other aspect of your assessment or training. We are here for you!