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MRPT’s Allison Burner to Be Featured on American Ninja Warrior

Allison Burner has been invited to compete on American Ninja Warrior. This means the show’s producers understand Allison’s amazing skills, potential, and athleticism, just like Allison’s friends, students, and the rest of the Mid-Ohio Valley. Allison can also now bypass the walk-on and open-casting tryout portion of the show and go right to competing. For Allison to train and compete to her potential, there are expenses. She will need your help to cover these expenses so she can do her best. This is Allison’s dream, and you can help make it come true.

Burner Strong

Born and raised in Parkersburg, WV, Allison Burner has spent her years both dominating at athletics and helping her community lead active and healthy lifestyles. She’s devoted herself to educating others on the importance of health and strength (both physically and mentally), and used her inspirational personality to show it’s possible to push beyond your limits.

Allison is nationally-ranked in the Warrior Dash, nationally-ranked and first-place finisher in the Spartan Race, a two-time State Volleyball Champion, and a two-time State Track and Field Champion. She went to Marshall University on full scholarship and was a MAC qualifier in her first year.

She inspires others at Mountain River Physical Therapy in Parkersburg, where she trains all levels of athletes from youth teams to college teams, as well as athletes from 6 to 55+ in age.

Along with being an avid skier, mountain biker, kayaker, skateboarder, and skydiver, Allison also paints impressionist art, reads comics, and spends time with her family and friends, whom she credits to being her lifeline, support system and responsible for helping her get to where she is today.

To learn more about Allison and to keep up with her journey, you can visit her website, or check her out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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