Mountain River Physical Therapy to Participate in TRICARE’s Demonstration Project to Combat Low Back Pain

Mountain River Physical Therapy (MRPT) is proud to announce their participation in TRICARE’s demonstration project for Physical Therapy access for beneficiaries that suffer from lower back pain.

Tricare is the health insurance system used throughout the U.S. military. The three-year program aims to decrease the use of costly interventions such as imaging, surgery, and opioids, allowing beneficiaries with low back pain to access Physical Therapy for their first three visits with no copay.

“TRICARE is to be commended for recognizing the value of Physical Therapy as an effective and direct access point for the treatment of low back pain,” said MRPT’s CEO Ed Rogers. “Providing patients with the Best First Choice for common musculoskeletal injuries is the MRPT way; we always provide innovative PT-first pathways. Our participation in this landmark project with the largest health insurance company in America is another testament to that.”

The three-year program, beginning January 1, 2021 and ending on December 31, 2023, intends to remove financial barriers that prohibit patients from turning to physical therapy first. It also helps members avoid the detrimental costs and long-term effects of procedures and opioids.

Studies have shown that when physical therapy is used first:

  • Costs are 71% lower with the same outcome

  • The likelihood of opioid use is 75% – 90% lower

  • Relief is quicker and recovery can be faster

“Healthcare procedures, such as imaging and surgery, can be expensive and timely,” continued Rogers. “Medications, including opioids, can have long term effects. We’re in the business to transform healthcare into effective care, with less cost and a lasting outcome. We hope to achieve that through this program.”


  • TRICARE beneficiaries (TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Select, TRICARE for Life) that reside and receive services in Florida and Ohio
  • Beneficiaries experiencing lower back pain
  • Beneficiaries who have not yet sought treatment with a physical therapist

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